Thursday, June 13, 2013

Snapshot of a few unfinished paintings...

A very nice well established artist gave me lots of good advice.  One thing he said is that I may want to be known as a portrait artist, or still life painter or abstract artist but I that I should choose and maybe I lacked an identity.  He told me to take a 4-5 day break and come back into the studio and think about what I would like best to paint, concentrate on that and do it the best that I can.

I've done that.  Sort of.  I've run in to a snag.  I realize that I do like to do it all.  I need work in all of it of course, but I really enjoy it all.  I like change and as a matter of fact, these are a few paintings started but not finished yet!  So you know I didn't go missing.  :)  

I will get them all done, but I have found that if I am not in the mood to paint a certain subject and do try anyway because my schedule is wide open or whatever-the painting never makes it out alive!  More paintings than I care to admit have ended that way.

Thank you so much Jean!  I truly appreciate you taking the time to point me in the right direction and I have taken all you've said to heart.  For now, I will keep on painting whatever strikes my fancy until I figure out who I am as an artist...but I just can't choose... yet. 

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  1. I'm like you. One day it's a portrait and when that gets difficult I long for a still life. I don't have an identity or a choice but I think that's ok for some artists, however it was good advice and someday i hope to be able to follow it myself. one can be identifiable with that choice for one and its much easier to do that way.


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