Sunday, June 2, 2013

Epay & Walnut Wood Stick Dulcimer Musical Instrument SCH JR Stephen Heitzman Jr.

A Handmade IPE, Walnut & mahogany Wood Stick Dulcimer by Stephen Heitzman Jr. (My son.)

 A beautiful short scale Stick Dulcimer hand crafted by SCH Junior. This great sounding instrument is made of several different woods. The sides are made of solid Epay (IPE). The soundboard is made of mahogany Wood, and the back is made of walnut. The headstock, Neck and Sides are made of one piece of wood. The fretboard has with the Scale Length of 21". Overall it has a great tone. The Dulcimer body is about 30.5" long, 1" wide and 1" thick. This instrument has a brushed on clear gloss polyurethane finish giving it that bright vibrant reflection we look for in instruments.

Brand: SCH Junior

Country of Manufacture:
United States

Type:VERY Unique Stick Dulcimer.  Circled area on pic #2 indicates slight imperfection that does not harm the instrument but enhances its one of a kind handmade nature.


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