Thursday, August 27, 2015

Resin, how do I love thee...

Hey!  I am still here!  I've been doing lots of R&D.  :D

I mean playing around with materials.  (and having a great time!)  Resin is my new love, and I have returned to my first love-abstract.  And Voila!  My first 2 hybrids that passed:

These photos have a CRAZY amount of shine, as resin is like a glass coating.  I thought I did take photos of the abstracts before the resin, but they were not finished bcuz I kept playing with them and THEN forgot to take new pics.'ll have to trust me and the quality of my work rather than these photos.  ;)  I am so very happy with these!!

There was a lot of texture from the paint and mediums, then the resin, so there is a 'relief' to these that I really like.  Here are a few close ups:



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