Friday, August 2, 2013

Boris the French Bulldog

The distinguished Mr. Boris, the French Bulldog.  (Photo used courtesy of ritcmike.  Thank you!)  This painting was already in the works when I watched the movie "Due Date" which had an adorable Frenchie.  So consequently, I have 3 more frenchie paintings going. 
Boris painting:

I thought I should dangle a milk bone from a string tied with a bow in his range of sight but my kids said 'nah, don't do that.   There are a few blues in this but when I do a digital file for web-kinda all looks like the same blue.


  1. Oh wow. I always prefer the bigger breeds, but with this one exception. French Bulldogs are in a league of their own and this is a fabulous portrait of a very handsome one! Great attention to the armrest too. :)

  2. Zank you Karen. It must be all the muscle wrapped up in a teeny weeny cute! I have a new fascination with Frenchies.

  3. Oooo, i just love this! what an adorable pup! they look so much like my raz and blu berry pugs! beautifully done, just perfect with the blue too. and his expression and eye raised up is just wonderful!

  4. You say such nice things to me Suzanne! Thank you!


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