Monday, February 20, 2012

Mike & Me #4

Yep, #4 in the Mike & Me Challenge...if you want to see them all search using the term mike.
This is Mike's pick, a photo of his friend Tom.  I made a boo boo and painted it 5x5 instead of 6x6!

I think mine may look a little like John Lennon?  Mike wins this one hands down.  Mike is mentioned first in "Mike & Me", so he's posted on the left.  Sunny's on the right...  The photo:

#4 in the challenge between mike and me.  You are buying only one, one is 6x6", the other 5"x5" works of art.  Remember, Mike's may not be square, they are recycled!  Please indicate which you are buying at paypal notes.


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