Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mike & Me, #2

#2 in the who-know-when-the-next-one-will-be running challenge.

This is how it works:  I choose a photo to work from, then Mike chooses.  That's Mike for ya...blissfully unaware of my admiration for Diane Hoeptner's cats...he sent me this photo of his cat "West",  (Yes, West has a brother named "East")...and rules are rules.  Ug, I had to paint it!   I did not have an easy time, his cheek gave me trouble.  But rules are rules, we post anyway.  :)

**Update** Mike says:  "Correction-East is West's sister, you'd know that if you ever saw her in fishnet stockings"

Mike is mentioned first in "Mike & Me", so he's posted on the left.  Sunny's on the right... 
The photo:


  1. Love it, Sunny!! West looks like my Coco! The paintings are awesome!! (Thanks for the kind mention.)

  2. You are so welcome! Love your work!


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