Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mike & Me, First Ever!

My brother-in-law and I have started a challenge for each other.  I'm calling it Mike & Me.  (That's his name of course.)  :)

I just love his style.  He uses acrylics, I use oils.  He has a natural ability and I just try hard.

This has been so much fun that we've decided to share it with you!  Hope you like seeing them almost as much as we have enjoyed painting them!

Our only rules are 6x6. We can crop, change colors, use any style/medium we choose.  Mike uses recycled tiles, I use masonite. That's just like Mr. Frugal too, to use recycled anything he can get his hands on.  I think it adds to the character of his pieces and I'm sure he will blow me away in these challenges.

It will be very hard to part with these little works of art, but after all we are both starving artists.  So, they are both up for your buying as a set.  There will be 3 winners in each of these challenges...Mike, me and the proud new owner of the set.

Buy Mike's (left)   Sunny's (right) SOLD

Feel free to leave comments on which you like or if you like them both!
Update:  Mike is mentioned first in "Mike & Me", so he's posted on the left.  Sunny's on the right...

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